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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill


ADDRESS: 2095 Pleasant Hill Rd
CITY: Duluth
PHONE: 7704978723
FEATURES: Family Fare

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vote=1.00 - On 2010-07-01
Nick/User: Jessica -
Upon arriving to the Duluth Applebee\'s my party of seven received the worst service that I have ever experienced, at any restaurant. My complaint does not come from my server completely, but rather the manager on duty. I do believe his name is Gexel. My party of seven was unable to be fully accommodated, so we were put at two separate tables. I understood their inability to sit us together, so that was not my biggest issue. Once my party placed our order it took us around 35 minutes before were received any food. We ordered two appetizers, both of which were brought out AFTER our entrees. So we had to wait 35 minutes for our food, and then 40 minutes for our appetizers, which is completely backwards. One member of my party ordered loaded mashed potatoes with her order, but got fries instead. Also, two members of my party ordered strawberry daiquiris. These daiquiris tasted as if they had no alcohol at all. The two ladies that ordered them rarely drink, so it is not as if they have a high tolerance to the taste of alcohol. We passed the drinks around, and nobody was able to taste even a hint of alcohol, let alone smell any. After having issues with appetizers, drinks, and meals I asked to speak with the manager. Seeing as how Applebee\'s is a family restaurant I felt the need to discreetly handle my complaint. I stepped away from my party and went to the back area, near the kitchen. I calmly and quietly asked to speak with the manager. I did this out of respect to the manager, and company, so that any other customers would not have to be aware of my dissatisfaction. After a few minutes, that Manager, Gexel appeared. Right off the bat he was discourteous. I informed him that our party had had problems from the moment we entered the restaurant. I gave him a run down of everything listed above. And rather than apologizing for my terrible experience he blamed the delay, poor quality, and backwards service on the fact that there was a “large” party on the other side of the restaurant. I continued to respectfully issue my grievance, and let him know that while I understand being busy, as a customer that is not really my concern. Then Gexel proceeded to blame and bash my server Krystal. This behavior was again inappropriate. No apology, just excuses. When I mentioned the daiquiris Gexel informed me that the drinks only contain HALF A SHOT. I told him that I have had many drinks from Applbee\'s and that those measurements seemed off. His answer “Well that\'s the way we do things.” Then Gexel asked me if I were speaking for my entire party. I stated that yes I was, considering I had suggested Applebee\'s and wished to handle the complaint in a way that was not disruptive. His response was that “that just does not make sense, and can those people not speak for themselves?” Again, HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. When I had finished issuing my concerns Gexel just stood there with his arms crossed, glaring at me, still NO APLOGY! I asked him if he felt that there was anything that he as a manager could do to guarantee my continued business. He responded with “I will adjust the checks.” And Gexel just walked away. I would have preferred some customer service and an apology, over a 10% discount. Then after receiving our checks all of the members of my party were still dissatisfied. So one of the ladies asked to speak with the manager. Gexel again came out, looking completely annoyed. The lady informed Gexel that she was very dissatisfied with every aspect of her experience, especially the daiquiris, and that she felt paying $6.29 per daiquiri was unacceptable. My party member told Gexel that she would not return and he shrugged. He then began saying that everything that happened was completely the server, Krystals fault. We informed him that she had done the best she could considering she had fiver other tables. I told him “We are still dissatisfied and have yet to receive an apology!” Gexel just turned around and walked away MID CONVERSATION! I was nothing but courteous, discreet, and calm as I was completely disregarded by Gexel. It must be nice as a company to maintain such poor customer service skills in this terrible economy.

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